Zentangle is an art-form based on line patterns, ranging from simple to complex. It is a simple, fun, and relaxing process that enables almost anyone to create beautiful images.

Do you need training?

It’s definitely not essential to get training to get started, but it can be fun and informative to have a class. It also helps introduce you to the community, where you’ll find a bunch of enthusiastic Zentanglers!

What kind of tools do I need to draw a Zentangle?

To get started, you really just need a pen and paper. Don’t let materials hold you back! Once you’ve gotten started though, and you’re enjoying yourself, it can be nice to get some better tools. The officially accepted pen of choice for Zentangle is the Pigma Micron pen by Sakura. As for paper, any sort of thicker art paper will do – something that can deal with the pen bleed-through. There are also specially designed tiles made for Zentangling.